Friday, 19 August 2011

The generative value

What are the similarities between an AIESEC experience and The Jeux des Iles de l’Ocean Indien held in Seychelles?
To start with, for those who are not aware what is Jeux des Iles de l’Ocean Indien!!
Jeux des Iles de l’Ocean Indien  is a multi- sport completion where athletes meet various islands of the southwest Indian Ocean. They are held every four years.They gather seven delegations: Mauritius, Seychelles, Comoros, Madagascar, Mayotte, Reunion Island and the Maldives.
This year, the JIOI was held in Seychelles.
“The Games were a success and we are very happy. Everything went well and we are very satisfied. Members of the Organising Committee and volunteers have done an outstanding job and I bow low”, said Eric Arnehie, General Commissioner of the Games.
Some small problems were encountered with the arrival of the delegations, but all went well afterwards.
Similarly, AIESEC Chandigarh has the capacity of hosting an international event. It comes in the form of internship where people all over the world come.
Connecting the Jeux Des Iles de l’Ocean Indien and Chandigarh is weird. However, below the line there are so many connections. Both are meant to promote talent. JIOI promotes the sport talent and AIESEC promotes leadership talent. At the end of the day, both are building up something in the individual. What are the things? They are:
·         Team building
·         Team spirit
·         Unity
·         Sharing of culture.
AIESEC interns add character and dynamism to the work environment. JIOI also add dynamism to an athlete and build the winning character.
Benefits of both JIOI and AIESEC Chandigarh:
·         International Experience
·         Societal Impact
·         Vast Global network
·         Personal development
Everyone cannot become a sportsman/ woman in an instant. Hard training is needed. However, AIESEC Chandigarh gives youngsters the opportunity to be involved in a youth gathering. By gathering I mean, being with different people from different world. Moreover, they get the opportunity to acquire experience in different fields (where they have the choice to select). The different internships are:
·         Management internship - project management, advertising, marketing
·         Development internship- deals with social projects with NGOs
·         Technical internship- web development, projects on language like Java, working on databases.
·         Educational internship- deals with projects on education (teaching the illiterates, teaching languages and sports)


Internationals + AIESECers under one roof sharing the culture via cultural lunch

SRC 2011- people from different countries grouped together

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

The public voice

Friday, August 18, 2011

What is AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales)?
AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC can be described in one word i.e OPPORTUNITY. It is all about cultural exchange and AIESEC is the only platform for people to explore various cultures at such a young age.

The Ultimate: the internship
Whether it is a summer internship or as part of your university course, you can now discover like many other students, the growing benefits and opportunities of undertaking an internship in Chandigarh. The feelings and motivations the members of AIESEC Chandigarh have cannot be compared to others. 
An international internship is not just a great opportunity to discover new cultures and experience a different side of life; you get to learn about how to work in an international environment and in the process learn a wide range of lifelong skills and competences. You will expand and deepen your knowledge and understand of the world´s people and its societies.

The love we interns get from the work place (farewell party).


The Intern House
Living among different people from different country is a golden opportunity to know about other languages, way of life and habits of a foreigner. You are never left out because team leaders always take care of you whenever you face any problems.

One intern house in Sector 16, Panchkula.

Someone who I've known for one and a half month, and has always help the interns :)

Attending General Body Meeting:
This is where you meet all the AIESECers and know what are their actual and will be future improvements.
GBM- Election of team leaders

The dancing part before the start of the GBM

The introduction of the  interns during the GBM

AIESECers and interns cheering together

Summer Regional conference- Shimla (The first of its kind)
It gives you the opportunity to meet young leaders. You get to know about their experience in AIESEC and ultimately make you dream. If they have reached so far at such a young age, why can’t you? Impossible is nothing. At the end of conference, your perspectives about life changes. 

Nights are meant for party people? During a conference, yes!! The dancing, skolling (basically a beer competition) is just amazing after attending sessions all day long.

An activity

Deep attention towards creating a video

Little fun!!

Problem- solving session

Cultural lunch
It is an event bringing together people from different nationalities by preparing food eaten in their country and dressed in their respective national clothes hence there is exchange of culture.
Indian girl and ukraine girl sharing the culture

Indian boys showing their culture

A multi cultural gathering dancing on punjabi music

Indian food

The huge crowd at the cultural lunch

We cannot forget the fun part ;)
The fun starts in the evening. Arabic infusion (sheesha (hooka) place) is a famous spot for interns. They go there to relax after a hard day. You say food, Chandigarh people say BUTTER CHICKEN. This is one of the amazing dish you will not miss during your internship.

Chilling in a cool restaurant

Chilling at Arabic Infusion


Famous KFC time :D

Chill out at Cafe Oz in Chandigarh

Enjoying butter chicken

Some little perceptions of Chandigarh:
  • Cleanest city in the entire India
  • Amazing and polite people
  • Great architectures and famous temples

If you want the life changing experience, AIESEC is the thing for

Personal Voice

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
How it all started?
It all started on a Wednesday afternoon when two friends of mine, Yushika and Sarah were talking about undertaking an internship during the holidays. First thing I asked, do we get internship in India? Actually, India has always fascinated me. I wanted to be a part of the Indian community since my childhood. Though I heard that India is a polluted country, and even know that it was overpopulated, this did not retain me back.  We started talking and finally agreed for an internship in Chandigarh. Part of my dream of being in India and discovering the infinite cultures there were becoming true.
I had no idea what AIESEC is. Isn’t it exciting to do an internship abroad? Days later, after completing all the formalities were completed. My interest in the internship increased as I’ll be helping a NGO. Arriving in India, I got Goosebumps. My dream was becoming true. But yes, the heat was affecting me, still how do I care!! Adjustment and adaptation were already on my mind. I knew that nothing will discourage me from realizing my dream.

We are all excited to start the new adventure that we couldn't resist from capturing our smile

YES I can handle everything :D
My first day in Chandigarh was long as I had to sort out things such as sim card, where to buy food among others. However, in some hours this was solved. Shristi Kush and Ridhima Kausal (both are AIESECers) and their family welcomed us so warmly. First impression is a lasting impression. The love I got from them uplifted further my spirits and motivations. I did not want to let them down and said to myself that I will do the maximum to help out. I was told that AIESEC conference in India is one of a kind and I was looking forward to be part of one at least. I wanted to learn loads from the Indians and yes above all I was expecting a change in my way of thinking as ultimately I wanted to inculcate all my learning towards my dear friends in Mauritius who hate India.

Familiarising around (CCD lounge where I had my first food)

“CREATE YOUR OWN HISTORY,” said the LCP, Siddhant Choudhary. Those wise words will always mark my life. He added that if you get everything you wanted during an experience, it will not be experience; only the bad part will make it an experience, because you will learn from it. At the end of the day, by overcoming those bad parts, you are the winner because you are gaining something from it.

Siddhant Choudhary (LCP AIESEC Chandigarh)
The man who changed my perspectives in life via the General Body Meeting.


Personal Bio

Monday, August 15, 2011
A quick introduction about the blog and myself.
Hey there!! Welcome to my blog J
I am Teeneeshka Nathoo and am currently pursuing my studies at the Charles Telfair Institute where I am doing a BA in mass communication. This is my third year. The whole set up of this blog is for my net module. For nearly two months, I was in Chandigarh, India for a development internship (for AIESEC). So, via this blog I’ll share my own experience because AIESEC Chandigarh has fascinated me and inculcated so many things in me. My main aim is to let people know how AIESEC Chandigarh shapes your life. Yes, thinking that an organization can change your life is farfetched, but it is actually true. : this link will give you fruitful information about what is AIESEC.

Photo Annotation:

This photo has been chosen because it reflects the true me. I am always smiling and have a positive attitude towards life, even if problems crop up. This optimism of mine has led me far in life as I accept things the way they are and try to adapt myself. Being in India is not easy as you have challenged to undertake. Nevertheless, I had no fear and it was a challenge for me. Again, this avatar represents the real Teeneeshka who is ready to undertake any challenge with a smile J